At Millennium, our top priority is that employees return home safe and healthy every day. Our employees work to support local industry and manufacturing efforts across Washington state. In addition to the more than 30 employees at our site, we partner with 150 local and regional vendors and contractors. There are two main components to our current operations.

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AC_20140722_2061Our team imports alumina, a material used in the production of aluminum. The material arrives on large ocean-going vessels and is unloaded utilizing our existing infrastructure. Once removed from the ship, it is transported by covered conveyor to onsite storage silos before it is loaded into railcars and transported to Alcoa Wenatchee Works in Central Washington. The operation in Central Washington sustains 467 jobs and 1,070 indirect jobs in the area. We encourage you to learn more about our friends at Wenatchee Works.

“The Millennium Bulk Terminal serves as a critical transfer point for one of the raw materials that directly impacts our daily production at Alcoa Wenatchee Works.”

–  Don Walton, Wenatchee Works Manager

Here’s a short clip of our team unloading a ship.


Located on Industrial Way in Longview, our site is surrounded by industries that have supported our region’s rich heritage of trade, manufacturing and heavy industry. Directly upstream from our site is a major facility for Weyerhaeuser. We are proud to support their work by providing coal used to create energy from the burning of wet, woody waste materials. The coal is necessary to heat the sustainable biomass to temperatures that enable efficient steam production.

Coal arrives on trains from the Powder River Basin, which is located in Montana and Wyoming. Once onsite, our crews store and transload the material to trucks which are then driven the short distance to the Weyerhaeuser facilities just down the road. We encourage you to learn more about the Weyerhaeuser’s operations in Longview and their sustainability efforts.