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January 3, 2017

Millennium Bulk Terminals Statement on DNR Decision

Longview, WA. – “In recent years Millennium has invested millions of dollars in cleanup of Department of Natural Resources (DNR) leasehold and DNR has acknowledged Millennium’s responsible work.  In a letter dated May 30th  2013, the DNR recognizes Millennium Bulk Terminals as the operator of the port facility in Longview and that the owner of the site, Alcoa, has an existing aquatic lands lease with the DNR that allows coal and other bulk products for decades to come.

The decision today has no effect on the project moving forward and we look forward to permitting and operating a world-class port in Longview that will provide family wage jobs and tax revenues right where they are needed in Cowlitz County.

The public knows from the actions of past Lands Commissioners that they have a proclivity for making symbolic gestures as they exit office.”

-Bill Chapman, CEO, Millennium Bulk Terminal

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