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1921 - After purchasing timberland in Cowlitz County, Robert A. Long, president of the Long-Bell Lumber Company, plans and begins construction of a manufacturing city capable of supporting 50,000 residents. Longview would be the largest planned city ever built with private funds.


1924 - Longview is officially incorporated on February 24. On July 31, the Long-Bell West Fir Mill is dedicated, becoming the biggest lumber mill in the world with the cutting of its first log.


1925 - 1929 - Longview is quickly attracting manufacturing businesses, drawn to the city for its access to timber, the Columbia River and its industrial design. Among the entrants are Pacific Straw Board and Paper Company, Longview Fibre Company and Weyerhaeuser Timber Company, which opened the world’s largest mill in 1929 and begins producing paper and cardboard in Longview.


1930 - The Longview-Rainier Bridge is opened. Spanning the Columbia River, the Longview Bridge was critical to the movement of freight through the rapidly industrializing city.


1941 - World War II causes demand for aluminum to surge. Reynolds Aluminum Smelter is built in just 5 months and 18 days, and the first aluminum ingot is poured on May 18, 1941.


1960 - The Long-Bell plant is closed and demolished.


1967 - A 105-feet long piece of aluminum is fabricated at Reynolds Aluminum Smelter for use in the Boeing 747, the largest passenger plane ever built.


1968 - The Reynolds operation grew in 1968 with the expansion of the North Plant. Each of the new buildings measure nearly a quarter mile in length.


1975 - Emissions controls at Reynolds Aluminum are significantly improved with the construction of 21 electrostatic precipitators.


1980 - Mount St. Helens erupts, blocking much of the water flow through Columbia River channel and leaving upstream ships stranded.


2011 - Millennium Bulk Terminals acquires lease for current site and undertakes joint effort to complete substantial clean-up, ultimately bringing the site back to today’s standards after decades of industrial use.


2012 - Millennium files permits to redevelop the site into world-class export facility on February 23, 2012.


2013 - Public meetings were held in five locations across Washington state to provide an opportunity for community members to weigh in on the project. Millennium thanks all those who turned out to support our efforts.


2014 - The one millionth tonne of alumina is transported through Millennium’s bulk commodity terminal, bound for Alcoa Wenatchee Works.

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